Cross River Publishing Consultants
Our Consulting Fees
Are Highly Competitive

Each consulting assignment is unique.
Each has its own research considerations, its own demand for expertise from various sources, its own time requirements. In order to reflect the different needs of each assignment and client, CRPC has a flexible fee structure adaptable to every situation. Our fees are highly competitive with current market rates for consultants.

  1. Hourly Rates: If your assignment is highly defined, and can be completed in a short period of time without the need for longer term input or assistance, CRPC's expertise is available at an hourly rate. Please ask for our current rates.

  2. Daily Rates: Because some assignments take longer than others, but are still defined fairly clearly, we do offer a daily rate to our clients. This rate reflects a discount from our hourly rate.

  3. Project Rates: If your assignment requires more extensive research or time than makes sense on an hourly or daily basis; if it necessitates a longer term relationship, as most do, then we usually suggest a project fee be mutually agreed upon. Project fees are based upon an estimate of the time required for completion of the assignment to the client's satisfaction.

  4. Retainer Rates: Many publishers, both large and small, want an ongoing relationship with CRPC so they can seek advice from us at any time, as needed throughout the term of the retainer. These clients use us just as they'd use any other professional, whether their accountant or lawyer. In this context, we provide expert external services without the need for paying staff benefits or overhead. We are there whenever you have a question you need answered or a project you need done. Your staff's time doesn't have to be interrupted, nor do you have to stop to figure out where to look for advice. CRPC provides the answers to your every publishing question or need, quickly and completely. Our client referrals will tell you how well we succeed. Retainer fees are based upon an estimate of the time you think you'd use CRPC on a monthly basis.

For more information call 914-232-6708, e-mail us at or leave us a message here.

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