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Editorial Acquisition, Planning and Control

The life-blood of any book publisher is the procurement of quality manuscripts, the development of those manuscripts in a timely, scheduled way, and the transmittal of those edited manuscripts to production.

Editorial Planning and Control
By understanding and controlling the acquisition process and its impact on others throughout the organization, your company can achieve the efficiency and effectiveness it needs to compete in today's difficult environment.

Cross River Publishing Consultants can lead you through the editorial process. We can help you:

  • Strategically plan your editorial program.
  • Define and establish sources of manuscript supply.
  • Acquire manuscripts, from agents to packagers.
  • Implement editorial evaluation systems.
  • Research and benchmark your competition in order to uncover competitive editorial gaps and opportunities.
  • Research and establish the feasibility of entering new markets.
  • Establish and implement cost controls and negotiating platforms.
  • Understand and negotiate contracts to insure maximum profitability and protection of rights.
  • Establish developmental procedures, whether in-house or external.
  • Streamline your existing operations.

Editorial-Design-Production Integration
In today's technological world, the editorial process has changed dramatically. No longer does the editor work in isolation with the author. Today, the editorial function must understand how to use, and integrate into its daily activities, design and production functions. CRPC personnel are skilled in the use of these technologies and can help your staff adapt them to your current needs.

CRPC can help you:

  • Select the best software for your editorial-design-production needs.
  • Train your staff in the use of the software.
  • Design schedules and formats that will enable your staff to perform at its peak.
  • Review your current process flow to determine its suitability to your future needs.

The editorial vision of your company is crucial to its success. It's what ultimately distinguishes your company from every other publishing company. CRPC's editorial expertise has been honed over 25 years in the editorial trenches, encompassing every aspect of the editorial function, from budgeting and planning through acquisition, contract negotiation, manuscript development and computerization of editorial functions. Cross River Publishing Consultants can help your company stand out from other companies, and do so in a more cost efficient, structured way that will ensure accurate and timely transmittal of material to your production department.

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Production and Manufacturing

Today's production and manufacturing environments are highly reliant upon the expert understanding and use of technology. Here, perhaps more than in any other area of the company, technology is quickly evolving to become more cost-effective and to reflect the smaller print runs mandated by "just-in-time" inventory needs.

Production and manufacturing personnel must have a firm grasp of these new technological capabilities and must know how to use them to greatest advantage. Furthermore, they must be able to schedule a multitude of projects to ensure completion of each at the appropriate time, within the bounds of budgeted cost of goods. Your printer must be viewed as an extension of your staff, who shares your vision for quality and customer service and who adds value to your manufacturing process.

In addition, the production and manufacturing area are responsible for at least 50% of your project's costs. Management and staff must have a fundamental knowledge of the variety of means available to reduce costs and keep them under control.

Cross River Publishing Consultants' consultants are expert in all facets of book production and manufacturing. Whether you are a novice or an expert, CRPC's consultants can provide the assistance you need to run an effective, efficient department.

Among the many functions we can perform in this area are:

  • Recommendation of printers and manufacturers based on your job specifications.
  • Competitive bidding.
  • Review of alternative paper pricing, availability, and suppliers.
  • Selection or recommendation of appropriate software and hardware.
  • Development of individually tailored software programs where required or requested.
  • Negotiation of contracts and terms.
  • Education of staff.

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Sales and Marketing

A publisher can never do enough sales and marketing. It can spend too much money on sales and marketing, but it can never do enough. Effective sales and marketing is the key to revenue generation. Without it, the books you manufacture will merely sit in your warehouse or cost you money in returns.

In today's world of superstores, with declining numbers of independent booksellers, effective, creative selling and marketing is crucial to your survival as a publisher. Just-in-time inventory is a reality that has dramatic impact on the profitability of your publishing program, impact that extends from the acquisition decision through the sales, marketing, and fulfillment decisions. Understanding today's critical bookselling environment is the first step in profitably selling into it.

For larger or smaller publishers, profit or non-profit, the question of distribution is key: Should you set up your own systems or should you use a distributor? What are the best alternatives to provide you with what you need to make your way through this maze of options?

Cross River Publishing Consultants has years of experience working with not only publishers, but wholesalers and others within the sales and marketing process. We have an intimate understanding of what publishers need to successfully sell and market their books. Understanding that comes from knowing what each link in the sales chain needs to make sales work.

CRPC can help you:

  • Set up the appropriate sales systems and reports
  • Manage backlist sales
  • Choose software programs to track sales and marketing efforts
  • Establish effective and competitive sales procedures and terms
  • Better track your sales
  • Determine how best to sell and help you negotiate terms with distributors and vendors.
  • Formulate incentive programs.
  • Formulate complete marketing plans for one book or for your entire program.
  • Promote and publicize your books to bookstores, libraries and other markets.
  • Tour your authors.

To offset risk in today's bookselling world, the trade book channel must be augmented by other outlets and sources of sale, from direct marketing to the establishment of new areas of sale, including gift stores, educational supply stores and others. CRPC can help you reach these markets in a competitive way.

In addition, we can help you understand and establish numerous other outlets for the sale and exploitation of subsidiary rights, including:

  • Book club sales
  • Serial rights sales
  • Foreign rights sales
  • Condensation sales
  • Audio rights sales
  • Stamp-sheet vendors
  • And many more

Growing sales is the key component to your ultimate success. Let Cross River Publishing Consultants put its expertise to work for you, whether your sales are in the trade, from direct response, or from other specialized markets. We can help you increase your sales with better controls, to achieve greater results.

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Warehousing and Fulfillment

The publishing process isn't completed until the last book is shipped and invoiced - or until the last return is accepted and credited.

Warehousing and fulfillment are complex businesses, with technological flow processes to cope with; inventory tracking; postage and mailing rate bases to understand; packing material to maintain; and freight and customs clearance brokers to deal with.

Even if you choose to use a distributor, you'll probably still want to maintain a small warehouse quantity of stock at a separate location and ship to various locations from your own warehouse. And if you do substantial volumes, you'll undoubtedly want to maintain your own warehouse, with your own staff.

Many publishers fall afoul of the warehousing and fulfillment issue, either because their heart's not in it, or it becomes too consuming in its own right.

CRPC's consultants can help with all of your warehousing and fulfillment needs. We can provide you with:

  • Warehouse and fulfillment vendors who can satisfy your needs.
  • Tracking procedures to insure your inventory levels are accurate.
  • Customer service training and templates.
  • Postal regulations and expertise.
  • Freight and customs advice.

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