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Publishing for Profit: Successful Bottom-Line
Management for Book Publishers



Publishing for Profit:
Successful Bottom-Line Management for Book Publishers

Publishing for Profit: Successful Bottom-Line Management for Book PublishersPublishing for Profit, by Cross River Publishing Consultants' President, Thomas Woll, is the first comprehensive overview of book publishing from the management side. Here are the strategies and techniques that can help make your company profitable, whether seasoned or brand new. Here, too, are the secrets to success that you need to run your company. Included in Publishing for Profit are 27 original forms and templates for immediate use. Among the topics covered are:

  • Defining Your Niche
  • Setting Goals and Objectives
  • Budgeting
  • Cash Flow
  • Title Profitability
  • Income Statements and Balance Sheets
  • Editorial Category Planning
  • Contracts
  • Revitalizing Backlist
  • Costing and Estimating
  • Money-saving Tips
  • Distribution: Options and Issues
  • Marketing Plans
  • Title-Launch Meetings
  • Advertising and Publicity
  • Subsidiary Rights
  • Direct-Response Marketing
  • Operations and Fulfillment
  • E-Publishing
  • Returns in the Book Industry
"One of the best references available today...providing a solid foundation and answering every question."
Jan Nathan, Executive Director, Publisher's Marketing Association

"No matter what your size, Publishing for Profit is an essential tool for growing your business. The book is as close to an operations manual for a book publishing company as can be found."
Dominique Raccah, Publisher, Sourcebooks, from the foreword .

"Publishing for Profit is practical and laser-sharp. Whereas many business books are broad in applicability, this book is specifically about publishing. It is an essential reference for small and large publishers alike."
Angela Bole, Independent Book Publishers Association Executive Director.

"Fantastic. Publishing for Profit has been an invaluable resource."
Joe Valina, Publisher, American Nurses Association.

"Solid nuts and bolts advice for everyone who wants to run a publishing business, no matter how large or small. Forms and illustrations help make this manual crystal clear."
Judith Appelbaum, Sensible Solutions and author of How to Get Happily Published.

ISBN # 978-1-61374-973-9     $26.95     6" x 9"     304 pages
Published by Fisher Books    

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