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Large Companies:

"CRPC is a reputable company, their work is of the highest standards, and I recommend them as publishing consultant without reservation."
Michael Kerber, President, Charles E. Tuttle Co., Inc.

"Tom Woll, of Cross River Publishing Consultants, has done a number of projects for Dearborn in the past several years, from serving as editorial director for our Trade Division for a couple of working on fulfilment cost issues to recruiting our trade sales manager. I have no reservations in giving Tom and CRPC my full recommendation as publishing consultants."
Anita A. Constant, Sr. Vice President, Dearborn Financial Publishing, Inc.

"It has been my privilege and pleasure to work with Tom Woll and Cross River Publishing Consultants over 27 months...on a retainer basis.

"Tom has provided thorough and insightful information about everything we have had him investigate from pricing to people to product. He has an exceptionally strong contact base which has proved helpful to us in distribution and rights acquisitions.

"He facilitated a strategic planning function at our offices which proved to be most helpful. Tom's special sales and book club sales for many of our titles have provided welcome additional revenue.

"...Cross River Publishing Consultants ...can help at many levels of business, including strategic planning, exit strategies, market analysis, marketing tactics and product development."
Howard Fisher, Publisher, Fisher Books

"Thank you for the time you have spent here at Fox. It was very well spent. I valued the outside perspective that you gave me..The time you took explaining and working through examples was a terrific boost...The report and everything you covered was right on.."
Alan Giagnocavo, President, Fox Chapel Publishing Co., Inc.

"Cross River Publishing Consultants has been a consultant...on several occasions for both our Continuity Publishing and Book Divisions. In all instances, their recommendations have been well-informed, professionally presented and extremely useful.

"Cross River Publishing Consultants is an outstanding editorial/marketing consulting service that I highly recommend...."
Jane Opper, Vice President, Editorial, International Masters Publishers, Inc.

"I want to sincerely thank you for your work....You were not only very professional but also very helpful to us in navigating through...the technical, managerial and relational matters. I have felt that you really want what is best for IVP and have been dedicated to that accomplishment."
Bob Fryling, Publisher, InterVarsity Press

"Congratulations on a job well done! Initially, I was impressed with the breadth and scope of your response to the assignment: the information seemed to be thorough, and neatly put together in an easy-to-use package.

It wasn't until we started to use your research, however, that we realized we had gotten everything we had asked for, plus a whole lot more... As it turns out, retaining you as a publishing consultant was a very smart move: it cut our learning/research curve at least in half... I can honestly say that dollar-for-dollar, this was far and away the best money we've ever spent."
Kim Gasior, Vice President, Jerry Baker Company/American Master Products

"...Cross River Publishing Consultants was retained...for a consulting assignment that included the review, research, analysis, and formulation of both strategic directions and actionable recommendations in regard to one of our primary product lines. CRPC completed its work in a highly proficient and professional manner. As part of its task, CRPC conducted in-store interviews with Waldenbooks store managers; with District Merchandising Managers; and with Longmeadow personnel. CRPC uncovered a number of salient issues and potential opportunities in a variety of areas from editorial to marketing and sales.

"CRPC completed its assignment on time and provided Longmeadow with a wide range of actionable, thoughtful, and creative recommendations.

"I would highly recommend CRPC to other companies in need of consulting assistance."
Adrienne Ingrum, Vice President and Publisher, Longmeadow Press/Waldenbooks

"Your work was on time and very detailed. However, the real value to us came in the form of your overall assessments, for this is where your varied publishing experience came to bear on our specific challenges. We found your analysis both insightful and realistic....Your work has definitely helped us move our program forward."
Ray Wolf, Director New Product Development, Meredith Corporation

" Thank you for the work you have done. The Executive Committee met last week and agreed that the work that you have produced for us is the finest and most productive we have yet seen from a consulting group in our 19 years. The Phase I deliverable product gave us the relevant data needed to measure our skills and services against a complex and rapidly changing industry. The work product was thorough and yet concise. Your imposition of our services and fees into the competitive service environment and follow-on analysis gave us a clear sense of where we might succeed and where we might fail as we go forward. Your presentation clearly outlined the considerations, challenges and investments we face as we prepare to offer services to this industry. I wanted to thank you for the excellence and clarity of your work to date and to say how much our key managers look forward to working with you as we go forward into the next phase of our relationship."
Bill Schubart, Chairman and CEO, ResoDirect/Resolution

"We were extremely pleased with CRPC's work. Your comprehensive report was delivered on time and displayed a firm need of Santillana's project needs as well as a knowledge of, and access to, the appropriate resources necessary for the completion of the job. We also appreciated your ability to synthesize and present information to us in a clear, understandable manner....We would be happy to recommend your company to others in need of consulting services."
Antonio de Marco, President, Santillana Publishing Co.

"CRPC's review and analysis...was cogent, insightful, and useful. It was also delivered on time. I can recommend Cross River without reservation for publishing consulting services."
Eugene F. Brissie, VP, Editorial Director, Simon & Schuster Direct

We were impressed with your wealth of knowledge of state-of-the art
publishing practices and the technology needed to support them. Beyond
helping us select a new software system, you gave us a lot of ideas for
ways we can streamline our processes and improve our fulfillment, customer
management, and reporting systems.
Dan Tobin, General Manager

"Time-Life contracted with CRPC to undertake an extensive market survey and to make corresponding recommendations for new products. We were very pleased with the report presented and with the creative ideas proposed. It is clear to us that the work CRPC did...was exhaustive and comprehensive; they brought a knowledge base and expertise to the project that we could not replicate from within our own staff.

"In addition to the quality of the report, it is also worthwhile to note that CRPC was very easy to work with. They stayed in touch regularly...but did not require a lot of care and maintenance on our part.

"We look forward to working with CRPC again and are glad to recommend their services."
Regina Hall, Director, New Product Development, Time-Life Custom Publishing

Smaller Companies

"What has been particularly your special understanding of the needs and demands associated with a small (but growing) publisher in today's marketplace. In a short period of time you have assessed, formulated recommendations, and implemented a plan that will help us successfully accelerate our growth....I will be pleased to offer my highest recommendation to Cross River Publishing Consultants."
Steven A Wood, President, Career Communications

"In the increasingly competitive world of publishing, it's hard enough for a small publishing company just to survive - much less make a profit. CRPC's advice, however, is helping us to do both. CRPC uncovered several things which it hadn't even occurred to us to think about and demonstrated what a tremendous impact they could have in our business. CRPC quickly and accurately recognized our press's strengths and advised us on how we could best capitalize upon them. Their keen insight has given us the practical knowledge and the confidence that we need to succeed."
Suzanne Bennett, Publisher, Center for Effective Performance

"I have three reactions to the work you did at Craftsman:

1. I'm amazed at how much of Craftsman's operating detail you absorbed in the...days you were here. I can't think of anything significant that escaped your notice or that was omitted from your analysis...Your analysis rings true because you know the company....
2. The group sessions you conducted here left nearly everyone with the same impression: Pride in what we've done but with no illusions about how much more we can do. That made your visit here an upper....
3. Your Analysis and Recommendations are both exhaustive and well-considered....We certainly got our money's worth...."
Gary Moselle, President, Craftsman Book Company

"One of our wisest business decisions has been to retain Cross River Publishing Consultants and Tom Woll as a consultant. Tom has a remarkable ability to assess a publishing operation,analyze its strengths and weaknesses, and recommend a sensible and comprehensive plan for improvement. Tom provides valuable insight on everything from cover design to pricing to staff structure."
Jacqueline Duke, Editor, Eclipse Press

"I am very pleased with the excellent job you did on the editorial and manufacturing assignment. It was timely, well presented and well done .I look forward to working with you in the future."
Franklin Brown, President & CEO, IBN Publications. Ltd.

"As a new publishing house founded by an author with virtually no publishing industry contacts or experience, Tom Woll of Cross River Publishing Consultants gave us the "reality check" we needed to make the right decisions. Many of those decisions were tough ones, including changing the name of our publishing house, but in the end the wisdom of his suggestions and feedback have brought us to the forefront of independent publishing in Orange County, NY. With 174,000 books being published each year, Tom Woll has given us the "lift" needed to be heard above the noise."
Diane Tinney, President, Keene Publishing

Tom. I looked over the report. It's wonderful and all I could ask for. I think you understand MRB. I'll call you later this week to discuss the report and next steps.
Mia Coulton, President, MaryRuth Books

"With the many challenges of planning and running a successful book publishing company, it has been extremely valuable to be able to call on an organization with your level of knowledge and experience in the industry.

"You have always been very professional and have responded quickly to every request for help or advice. In short, it has been a pleasure working with you....I highly recommend your services."
David Cracas, President, Pierpoint-Martin Publishing Co.

"Book Publishing is a very complicated business. Your depth of knowledge and experience combined with your practical advice and your recognition that the bottom line has to work has helped us tremendously."
Doug McArthur, President, Script Publishing

“The experienced industry professionals at Cross River Publishing Consultants gave us invaluable advice on all aspects of the publishing process. Their insights and recommendations enabled us to reduce both the time and the costs involved in launching our publishing division.”
Ellen Jovin, Principal, Syntaxis

"We first came to know of Tom Woll through his book Publishing for Profit, which we used as much as possible as a blueprint for building our business. After awhile, it was invaluable to have CRPC take an in-depth look at us to see what we needed to be doing better, in addition to what we happened to be doing well already. The final report we received was highly comprehensive; it covered everything from budgets, staffing, software, distribution, marketing, workflow, contracts, accounting, and everything else in between. In particular, Tom's hard look at our operation gave us the credence with our college CFO to make significant changes in our own organization that wouldn't have been possible without his highly qualified outside perspective. We now have the confidence moving forward that we've got the best shot possible at meeting our future financial goals."
Mark Long, Publisher, Texas State Technical College Waco

"CRPC's broad knowledge of the publishing industry enabled you to quickly understand the particular marketing needs of our two very different and specialized publications and locate their best niches. We appreciated how quickly you were able to confirm what we were doing right, make useful contacts for us and alert us to new marketing opportunities.

"With regard to our marketing materials, your well-considered suggestions were clear and explicit and resulted in our best brochures ever.... Your accessibility and quick response to questions allowed us to stay on schedule and incorporate your valuable input on the fly.

"Overall, we received excellent support and value from your work because you understood and respected our specific objectives regarding the scope, cost and timing of the project. I look forward to your continuing involvement with our company and would be pleased to recommend your services anywhere in the publishing industry."
Elizabeth T. Walsh, Publisher, Walker's Western Research

"Cross River Publishing Consultants has provided Whitston with practical advice that has helped us make smarter strategic and operating decisions. Tom Woll knows the publishing business inside and out - his wealth of knowledge and experience has helped us make important decisions with a degree of confidence we otherwise would not have had. Their fees are worth every nickel spent - we always get more than our money's worth.
Michael Laddin , President, Whitston Publishing Co.

Xephor Press retained Tom Woll and Cross River Publishing Consultants to provide topic specific publishing consulting services, including establishing trade distribution, as well as general management consulting services over the past five years. CRPC performed these tasks with an extremely high level of professionalism, expertise, and a great sense of customer relationships as well as with a keen sense of time and budget. I highly recommend Tom and CRPC to other publishers in need of consulting services.
M. McClelen, President, Xephor Press


"As a start-up publishing company we have had a lot to learn.We hired CRPC to review contracts for us, to help prepare budget and sales projections and to consult on marketing strategy. Along the way, he has supplied an additional measure of moral support too! We appreciate CRPC's professional manner and consulting skills. I have also been helped by the orderly way they present concepts, not taking anything for granted."
Leah Abrahams , Assistant Vice President, AAL QualityLife Resources

"Your contribution to the CLMP marketing workshop was invaluable. Thank you for your time, effort and good counsel. I am delighted that we had the opportunity to involve you with our program; your skills and expertise are of great value to our field. The feedback from the grantees has been uniformly positive, everyone was most appreciative of the perspective and expertise that you brought to the proceedings.
Sarah Meyer, Managing Director , CLMP

"Tom Woll of Cross River Publishing Consultants provided all we could have hoped for in executing our project. He asked all the right questions as we defined the scope, and explained the methodology he planned to apply. I was impressed at how responsive he was to our own questions, and how willing he was to ensure the accuracy of his report. I was very comfortable with the perspective he brought to our particular concerns as a not-for-profit publisher. My colleagues agreed that Tom went the extra mile to meet the project requirements."
Kenneth Moore, Director, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Book and Information Services

"We didn't have many unanswered questions based on the report. You were clear in your assessments and your recommendations followed logically...Thank you once again for the high quality of what you have provided ISTE. Hiring you to do this work was money well spent for the organization and working with you was a pleasure. The fairness of your assessment based on the information you were given is clear. Your specific recommendations for growth and improvement are concrete and useful."
Leslie S. Conery, Ph.D., Deputy CEO, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

"Cross River Publishing Consultants was enormously helpful to Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance. We were particularly impressed by Tom Woll's ability to quickly understand our unique wholesaling operation. His analysis took into account our limited resources as a non-profit distributor and recommended a series of affordable options we could take to move our organization to the next level. CRPC delivered exactly what we needed."
Paul Doiron, Executive Director, Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance

"October 2008 will probably be one of those infamous times we'll look back on years from now . . . and shudder. We employed Cross River Publishing Consultants for a strategic review during the days and weeks chaos and uncertainty erupted in the marketplace forcing many of us in the industry to respond to a rapidly changing landscape.

We appreciated Tom Woll's ability to address our questions focused on long-term sustainability as well as short-term adjustments to adapt to market conditions. Being able to listen, and reflect on our individual needs rather than assuming blanket, cookie-cutter solutions was a great benefit to us. Having the perspective of a seasoned professional conversant with all the various levers within our enterprise-from warehousing and distribution to refinements in our budgeting process was especially helpful.

As a non-profit with a strong mission, Tom was able to help us imagine solutions that took into account our two priorities: responsible financial management of our organization's asset as well as the importance of a clear focus on our 100-year old mission."
Helen Cherullo, Publisher, The Mountaineers

"Cross River Publishing Consultants helped us clarify strategies for better utilizing present channels of distribution for our current products while at the same time encouraging us to focus on our membership market through new products and other channels. In the process, Tom Woll also taught us better ways of communicating and planning. We are much more aware of the rapid shifts ahead - and how we can prepare for them now. I recommend Cross River Publishing Consultants without any reservation."
Timothy Stavetieg, Publisher, The Pilgrim Press

"It is my pleasure to recommend Cross River Publishing Consultants. Small Press Distribution commissioned a study and the results; Marketing Analysis 2001: Survey Results, Synthesis, and Recommendations were presented. We found the team at CRPC to be very responsive to our particular needs. They constructed survey instruments that objectively gathered important information for us and, most importantly, presented the information in a concise and constructive fashion. We were able to test the effectiveness of recommendations they made and we implemented from an earlier 1997 study. These recommendations were put into action and contributed to several years of unprecedented growth at SPD. The 2001 study presents a new set of challenges for our consideration. From our perspective as a non-profit literary distributor, we were very pleased with the work Tom Woll and his staff did on our behalf and hope to be able to use them in the future."
Donald E. Knaub, Executive Director, Small Press Distribution

"Cross River Publishing Consultants helped us clarify strategies for better utilizing present channels of distribution for our current products while at the same time encouraging us to focus on our membership market through new products and other channels. In the process, Tom Woll also taught us better ways of communicating and planning. We are much more aware of the rapid shifts ahead - and how we can prepare for them now. I recommend Cross River Publishing Consultants without any reservation."
Timothy Staveteig, Publisher, United Church Press

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